Tourism Snowy Mountains Website


Entice visitors to The Snowy Mountains to experience the incredible events, attractions, culture and history it has to offer, all year round.

Our challenge was to re-engineer the existing website and to improve user experience and content to drive higher engagement and accommodation bookings.


The Snowy Mountains, one of Australia’s most spectacular destinations, offers a mix of world class activities and destinations, and is widely considered a must see destination in Australia.

We created a mobile first, engaging online experience that mirrors the visually stunning nature of the destination using rich imagery and video content.

To co-inside with the website, OOTS developed engaging creative for the Tourism Snowy Mountains ”More Than You Think” summer campaign. The campaign kicked-off in early November achieving amazing results so far:

  • Website traffic has increased by 29% on the same time last year
  • The digital campaign featuring Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and YouTube ad placements has resulted in an incredible 29,000 clicks to the website.
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