Greater Bank Progression


Rebrand Newcastle-based financial institution, the Greater Building Society as Greater Bank, and shift brand perceptions, repositioning them as a financial expert and a professional alternative to the big traditional banks.


A new visual identity was developed for the brand, starting with the design of a new logo. This was a delicate balance of preserving the equity that the Greater Building Society brand held but also introduce more relevant meaning and purpose as the organisation and its customers evolve. A greater-than symbol was developed, introducing an icon that not only spoke to the brand name, but gave the organisation and its employees something to work towards – to be ‘greater than’ before.

The primary colour palette remained the same, but the concentration of colour was increased to make use of the element that consumers identified most with the logo – the colour blue. A darker blue was introduced in a gradient
to increase the professionalism and maturity of the organisation. The visual identity was updated across everything – ranging from branch, car signage, website and app, to financial materials such as cheques and cards, through

to all collateral such as brochures, stationery and merchandise.

To launch the new name, an integrated campaign was developed to position Greater Bank as a challenger to the traditional big banks. An honest, mutual bank that offers simple products to its customers, taking the complication and frustration out of banking. A bank without BS.

The campaign uses a clever word play, calling out common banking frustrations that you can avoid by switching to Greater Bank. For example, No Bank Shareholders since they are still a mutual banking organisation and no Big Stress with their simple and easy to understand home loan products. The campaign spans a number of media including TV, radio, press, OOH, POS, online and social.

Greater Bank Progression Case Study
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